Monday, July 29, 2019

Learn to Weave - 2019

Jann's joy is evident as she tensions her first warp going over the back beam of her loom.
It is always great fun to look at the photos from the annual Learn to Weave program put on by Reno Fiber Guild .  This year's program had four students; three learning how to weave on floor looms and one student learning to weave on her rigid heddle loom.

Of course, before you can beam on a warp, you must wind one. 

Sarah L.

Sara G.
These photos are from a two day session in which everyone learned how to wind a warp, get it beamed on, thread it through the heddles and finally lash it on to the front apron rod.  It's a big chunk to learn, but the Learn to Weave classes come complete with a mentor for each student.  The goal is for everyone to have a warp at the end of those two days so that they can take their loom home and practice weaving.


Virginia M. was the first rigid heddle student in the Learn to Weave program.  She had two mentors to help her put together her loom and then learn how to get a warp on it.

This is Jann's loom with that beautiful sea foam green warp lashed on and ready to weave.

The photo above is Suzanne W. who has been organizing the Learn to Weave program for several years.  From the smile on her face, I think she is enjoying the process every bit as much as the students were. 
Stay tuned for the next post which will show you everyone's sampler.  There will be two more days of classes in August to cement what has been learned.  The goal is for everyone to feel confident enough to do this again on their own.  And, of course, they are always welcome to more mentor help if they run into problems.
Thanks to Karen and Suzanne who took these great photos.

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