Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Dyeing Madness with Kathrin Weber of Blazing Shuttles

color sample skeins drying in the sun
Kathrin Weber of Blazing Shuttles came west this spring to do several workshops and teach at CNCH2016 in Modesto.  RFG considered themselves quite lucky to be able to book her for a dyeing workshop "Not Your Grandma's Dyepot" while she was in our vicinity. 
We donned our funky clothing - brought buckets, cups and measuring spoons and an array of containers along with warp chains and skeins to learn the art of creating fabulous dyed yarns.   Now to the comments about this fabulous class from participants.
"I had a great time. I learned a lot. Wish there had been a bit more on mixing the colors, but I think she wanted us to learn by trial and error. Kathrin Weber was fun and engaging. I also liked the cupcakes and samples projects."  - Shelley N.

"I've been steering clear of dyeing. That has changed since Kathrin's workshop. Her technique is easy and fun. My "cupcakes" turned out to be like the variegated yarns I'm always looking for . Now I can make my own. Kathrin was a helpful and patient instructor with humor mixed in." - Lorene S.

"I have already put much of what I learned this week to work. No matter how long I work with yarn, dyes and color, I keep learning more. Would recommend Kathrin's workshop to everyone."
Nancy P.

"The Weber workshop was fantastic! It was well organized, fast paced, and very informative. Kathrin is a good teacher, very lively, and I'd recommend it and her to any others. I learned new ways to dye, and a new regard for colors I wouldn't have thought to try together. I still have a lot to learn about color, and am excited to use the new warps/skeins with materials I already have to see what happens when they cross--hope it isn't mud. Many thanks to Suzanne, et al., for organizing this one, and Igor for acting as angel. "  - Kay F.

"Kathrin made this class educational, informative and fun. She generously shared her expertise and tricks and encouraged us to take risks. What a gift! For someone who thought I would NEVER need to dye, I can't wait to do some more!" -  Nancy S.

"For some time, I’ve been watching the wonderful projects coming forth from Kathrin’s workshops and wanted to get in on the action. I have quite a bit of previous dyeing experience, but this workshop  had a ton of techniques and interesting directions that I hadn’t tried before. It was an exciting couple of days and I heartily recommend Kathrin’s workshop for anyone who wants to make projects that explode with color and visual interest."      
 Beryl M.

"Must say this was one of the best and possibly the best workshop I have attended. The presentation was top-notch, smooth, professional and not confining. I think those in attendance probably took more information with them than they expected.  Kathrin is a very good instructor; very much a promoter of learning by doing and this means getting in and playing with the colors. Very enjoyable, highly recommended." - Igor R.

"We had a wonderful 2 days of learning Kathrin's method of space dying skeins and warps.  What a fun couple of days!  Lots of techniques for both weavers and knitters...This is a "must have" class for weavers.  It was amazing to see what had been woven on the warps that she had dyed...simply gorgeous!  Knitters will enjoy her class as you learn to blend the colors on the skeins." -  Jane M.