Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning to Warp - Days 2 and 3.

Our last blog post showed our new weavers with their respective looms weaving away on their samplers.  The looms were taken home, the samples woven off - washed and prepared for "show and tell" at the next two day session in which weavers learned how to wind a warp and beam it on their looms.  Below is one of the samplers.  They were all spectacular; weavers showing us great promise for the future.

Our new weavers learned that warping is a skill unto itself. Making sure the threading cross is intact, counting the threads for the raddle - the whole nine yards!  Well, not nine yards for our weavers - just three this time.


 Mary tries her hand at warping with a reel.

 Then, there is separating the threads into their respective slots in the raddle. (Igor and Nancy are discussing the finer points of raddles and their function).

Getting the loom ready to accept the warp.  Jen, Lorene and Mary have everything well in hand here.

Threading the heddles.  Did we mention that this takes forever!  At the left, Mary is studying her options at the loom while Sheila winds her warp in the background.

Below you see Sarah intent on making sure her threading is done without errors!  A wise lady.

At the end of the second day, everyone was beamed on, threaded, the reed sleyed and the warp tied on to the breast beam. I believe Nancy is saying "I did it!"  Congratulations are certainly in order for all of our weavers.