Resources for New Weavers

 In keeping with the guild's mission to help new weavers on their way, we would like to share the following weaving resources with everyone who is interested in learning more about this ancient craft or hopes to try their hand at handweaving.

Make Your Own Simple Loom

Weaving can be as simple and inexpensive as using a cardboard loom.  Here are a couple of links to videos that will show you how to make your own loom and weave on it.
Weaving on a Cardboard Loom
Weaving History and Making and Weaving on a Cardboard Loom
Weave patches for clothing or other decorative touches on cloth.
Complete instructions on how to build a PVC Loom

Getting started weaving on a floor loom.

I think the very best investment a new weaver could make would be to join Jane Stafford's Online Guild.  You sign up for one year at a time and have access to  many excellent weaving videos for your money.  In my opinion, Jane excels as a weaving instructor. 

Webs did a new video recently on how to wind a warp which is a companion to the video on warping your loom from back to front.

And Louet had Jane Stafford do several videos in which the techniques are just a little different from the procedure on the Webs site.

Ashford looms has a series of tutorial videos that are excellent. 

The Woolery has "how to" videos.  Using a warping board and using a warping reel

 Laura Fry has a series of short videos on various weaving subjects.

Here is a good video of how to chain the warp so that there are no twists in it.

Here is a four shaft weaving sampler document, complete with instructions on how to weave with a direct tie up.  Click  to download

Inkle band weaving.

Inkle looms can let you weave bands, straps and bookmarks and allow for more advanced design work once you have learned the basics.
How to Warp and Weave on an Inkle Loom
Once you have learned to weave on your loom, you can design your own patterns on this site.
Card weaving (or tablet weaving) on an inkle loom is also a fun activity.  Here is a video to get you started.

Rigid heddle weaving

Rigid Heddle looms come in a lot of sizes and makes.  They are easy to warp and use and are generally less expensive than table or floor looms.
Rigid Heddle Weaving

Finding new and used weaving equipment.

Table, floor and tapestry looms are also available for purchase.  Finding a weaving store is not as easy as finding a knitting store, so here are some online sources that have catalogs with lots of weaving equipment choices. (If you decide to order from the Woolery, the guild will get a bonus from them if you click the link below).
Yarn Barn
The Woolery
Halcyon Yarn 
Etsy Weaving Tools

If you are looking for used equipment, you can try these online sources.

Eugene Textile Center
Ravelry Warped Weavers Sale Page
Ravelry Weavers and Spinners Trading Post
Homestead Weaver
Reno Fiber Guild's Online Sales Pages

Weaving periodicals

Weaving has several magazines that are dedicated to sharing projects, weaving tips and much more.

The best bang for your buck is an online publication called Heddlecraft.  Absolutely the best weaving magazine available now. Every issue has in depth articles about a particular weave structure, book reviews and more. 

Interweave Press publishes Handwoven.  Handwoven has lots of projects for beginning weavers, including rigid heddle projects.

And, for  those interested in more complex weaves and excellent articles about weaving, join Complex Weavers .  Their Journal is included with membership.

Learning to read weaving drafts

New weavers have a lot to learn and one of the fundamental skills they need to know is how to read a weaving draft.  I find the explanation in Weaver's Craft hints clear and easy to understand.  Also, for those of you with four shaft looms, here is a direct-tie up that makes your life simpler.  And, have you thought about Pinterest as a source for weaving drafts?  Here is a good page for four shaft drafts. I also like this two part series from Schacht Spindle Company about weaving a twill sampler. Part 1 and Part 2

Once you have learned to read and understand weaving drafts and are ready for the next step, Pikes Peak Weaving Guild offers a free weaving software program (a donation is suggested), called Weave Design. 

Finding weaving yarn sources

Last, but not least, people always want to know where they can find weaving yarns.  Tien Chiu had a pretty good list on her website, so check out this list and then "shop til you drop".

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