Thursday, November 14, 2013

November's Meeting - A Workshop in Viking Knitting

The Reno Fiber Guild members often branch out into something  beyond their usual fiber interests.  At the November meeting, Mary put together a workshop so that we could learn a technique called "Viking Knitting".  We found that this isn't knitting at all, but some sort of looping technique done with wire and is the basis for making amazing chain-like necklaces and bracelets.   Mary learned the technique in a workshop at the last Convergence and has been honing her skills ever since.  Suzanne and Lorene joined Mary in teaching us the basics of the technique but most of us didn't have enough time to finish our bracelet by the end of the evening.  I hope to amend this post in the future with some pictures of our finished projects.

Mary put together a fine handout with step by step instructions and she also included links to online tutorials that she said were helpful in getting started.  

The first is How to Make a Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial
Next we have How to Knit with Two Colors
Last, but not least Finishing Techniques for Viking Knit Bracelet

I'm adding a several more links that give insight about the origins of Viking Knitting , Viking Knitting - Fabulous or Fraud and Viking Knitting- How did it Develop

It was a fun evening, and even if our first attempts at "Knitting" weren't perfect, we all learned the basics and were ready to take our projects home to finish.