Study Group Information - Current and Past Group Information

For several years, Reno Fiber Guild has had a year long study about some aspect of fiber art.  In order to preserve all of the work that has gone into these studies, separate files are now available. (see the description and links below).

Current Study Group Information
 Reno Fiber Guild has formed a weaving study group that is open to any member of a CNCH guild.  Our current study is Fiberworks weaving software; how and why to use it.  E-mail if you would like to be part of the group.

Past Study Group Information and Files
Weavers Draft and Clothiers Assistant Study Group

Our Year of Color Studies

The Great Handwoven Towel Challenge

Past Study Group Notes and Files

Drafts and Useful Information from Sage Weavers' Meetings

Weaving on 3 Shafts - Study Group blog posts

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