Monday, March 25, 2019

Pine Needle Basket Workshop

Reno Fiber Guild members enjoy access to some wonderful workshops.  Here is what the guild president had to say about the pine needle basket workshop held this past Saturday at the South Valleys Library.

We had a great class with Michelle Hazelton of Lakes Basin Creations on Saturday.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, and came home with a finished basket at the end of the 4 hour class, along with the knowledge needed to make more.  There is already some talk about having Michelle back to teach her next class of more advanced techniques.  Here are some photos of the day.
Nancy B.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Weaving with Unusual Wefts

 The program theme this year has been "Off the Beaten Path".  One of our members suggested a program about weaving with unusual weft materials  - which sounded pretty much like just plain fun!  People brought a variety of wefts and tried to think of the outrageous as well as novelty yarns, etc.  Choices ranged from zipper yardage, corn husks, unspun wool fiber, clipped twigs, narrow strips of cloth from antique kimono linings, stainless steel yarns,  paper yarn. plastic bags and much more.


After this program was completed, I think that most of us will have an eye out for usual things to try in our woven pieces - especially wall hangings and art pieces. 
Cheri weaving with a plastic bag strip

Beryl weaving with paper yarn

Kay weaving with a fancy yarn picked up at Tuesday Morning.  Look at the texture here!

Gloria and Diane.  Gloria is weaving with a yarn made from bias strips of cloth

Gloria and Kay discussing an unusual piece of yarn

Lorene and Nathalie  with some bobble yarn at Nathalie's table loom.

A little bit of everything (sometimes referred to as pig's breakfast).

Red branch clippings woven alternately with a narrow silk fabric strip in a three shaft twill

Samples brought by Sue from her class with Giovanna Imperia at CNCH several years ago.

Sue at the loom.