Friday, January 31, 2014

February is Crackle Month!

Our meeting this month will be a hands-on workshop that gives our members an opportunity to learn about the crackle structure and try their hand weaving at various projects on five looms. 

Gayle's crackle project in progress.
There will several looms warped in the traditional manner, designed as a block weave and woven with a tabby.  There will be  at least one loom that is warped with several colors of weft and no tabby and one loom that is warped with a non-traditional free form crackle design on eight shafts.

There are a couple of newer books about  Crackle Weaves, but while I was researching what information is readily available, I found a couple of references online that give good clear information.  The first is a monograph written by Ralph Griswold.  "The Crackle Weave" .  The second is an informative blog post on the Weeverwoman blog site. 

Stay tuned for photos of the actual workshop and some details about the projects on each loom.

Afternote:  Here is a link to project descriptions and drafts from the various projects at the workshop.