Monday, February 15, 2016

Linen and Kumihimo!

Linen runner woven by Nancy B.: Pattern is Spot Bronson

If you are following this blog, it almost looks like the Reno Fiber Guild has been resting on their laurels since Christmas.  Let me assure you, this has not been the case.

You may remember that the guild had a linen workshop with Sara von Tresckow in late October.  She had a bundle of tricks and many of her favorites are now standard practice with our weavers. (starched warps, beveled lease sticks, leaving the lease sticks in the warp after it is wound on the back beam)

Over the past months, linen towels and runners have been shown at Sage Weavers' meetings. 
Linen towels woven by Shelley N. using A German Bird's Eye from Davison (pg. 20)

Then, in early February, the guild had a Kumihimo workshop taught by members.  Kits were ordered from "What a Braid!" and we gathered on a Saturday to learn how to braid with beads. 

With several instructors that learned braiding with a disc at a workshop a couple of years ago, the group was in very good hands. 

And look at this lovely necklace made by Shelley on her very first attempt at Kumihimo (with beads, no less!)

What's upcoming for the guild?  A dye workshop with Kathrin Weber in late March.  Still a couple of spaces open, if you are interested.  And, of course, CNCH will be in Modesto the first part of April.