Monday, October 26, 2015

Linen Workshop with Sara von Tresckow

Sara von Tresckow, of the Wool Gatherers, presented a three day workshop in warping and weaving with linen.  The evening before the three day workshop, Sara and her husband, Hans, brought lots of examples of linen and hemp cloth to help illustrate Sara's lecture about the qualities of both linen and hemp.

On Friday, workshop participants learned Sara's approach to warping their looms with previously wound warps that had been sized with starch.  After warps had been beamed on and threaded, everyone settled down to weave a structure that they had chosen to be their project for this workshop.

You can tell from the little slide show below,(best watched from U-Tube)  that everyone was enjoying their linen experience.  I'm sure everyone went away with valuable new knowledge about the quirks and advantages of this fabulous fiber.