Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Great Handwoven Towel Challenge Part 2

This is the second part of our towel challenge photo gallery. 

The following towels were woven by Rae S. as Christmas gifts for her family who live in Ecuador. The colors were chosen to go with the family's kitchen. These are a two block twill on 8 shafts.  8/2 cotton sett at 20 epi.  
And what do you do with the ends of towel warps?  Rae has a great idea for you.  Make potholders. 

Lorene S. wove a series of huck lace towels and used a different colored weft and treadling sequence for each one.  One of the nice elements in these towels is that the huck lace is used as borders and the main body of the towel is plain weave.  Very elegant.
  Beryl M. wove a series of 16 towels on one warp with neutrals in mind.  This one is on 40 shafts using a shaded twill tie up which was  manipulated  to distort the pointed twill threading and treadling.  Warp is 10/2 cotton.

40 shaft tie up

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