Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jette Vandermeiden Workshop - The Four Shaft Weavers

Jette really arranged two workshops at the same time.  One for the eight shaft weavers and one for four shaft weavers.   

Here is what Cheri said about the workshop.

The "All Tied Up" workshop was phenomenal. Jette taught me much about drafting, and the relationship between threading, tie-up, and treadling. She offered tips that will allow me to become a faster and more efficient weaver. The warp on four-shaft looms was composed of four threading patterns, each in a different color. We used a variety of treadlings (twills, rosepath, huck, lace, M and W, etc...) to observe the texture and patterns created in our sampler. The results often astonished us, proving that mixing threading and treadling patterns can produce interesting outcomes.


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