Sunday, May 22, 2016

Third Annual Learning to Weave Class

Saturday saw the beginning of a new class of weavers that enrolled in the Learn to Weave program that the Reno Guild offers once a year. The class starts off the new weavers with tutorials in warping on a warping board.   Each student has a mentor from the guild with them during the process.  In a couple of weeks, this same group will be back for further instruction on the fine art of warping and weaving off their sampler.  The class uses Issue 13 of Weaver's Craft which includes instructions for a four shaft sampler (direct tie up) and lots of good information on designing your own towels.  
We wish our new weavers the very best of luck in their journey to become proficient at the warping and weaving process.  The skills learned in this class will serve them well in their weaving future.  We also want to thank our volunteers who put together the class structure and are there to give support to their students.
Suzanne and Jen have put many hours into setting up this yearly class. 

And now - something new for many of us.  At the class, Jen introduced what she called the H Knot.  A means of affixing your new warp yarn to the warping board.  Looks interesting and something to try out.  Thanks, Jen!


  1. That H-knot is very snazzy - good tip. Thanks Jen!

  2. This class is a dream realized for me! Thank you so much for offering a beginning weaving class. Now I look forward to all the fun projects ahead of me.

    1. We are so pleased that you enjoyed and learned from your class. Please visit us at Sage Weavers each month to show us your projects and get ideas for new ones.