Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Meeting, First Post

At the September meeting, a motion was approved to create a blog to give our guild online visibility.  Beryl hatched it almost overnight and this is the first post, using photos from Show-and-Share from our first meeting of 2013/2014.
Lorene was bitten by the Kumihimo bug during our class with Karen Huntoon last year and is now exploring embellishments.  She took a class on making jewelry with wire mesh at the recent CNCH conference and is adding beads she makes using what she learned.
Mary too was bitten by the very same bug and took another class from Karen at the CNCH conference.  This is a new color technique, I believe it's called painting with beads.  Both Lorene and Mary had several examples, okay - many examples.  They've been bitten bad.
Nancy has been experimenting with a 16-shaft weave and had several samples.  She used up leftover cones of cotton but it is so effective, from a distance it appears to shimmer and drape.  It's only when you view them up close and feel them that you realize - they're cotton.
This is a painted warp, also from Nancy, also in cotton.
Diana is a digital textile printer and showed some scarves she recently printed and had hemmed by a lady in San Francisco, who charges $20 a scarf.  They are absolutely exquisite and worth the price tag, in my checkbook-challenged opinion.
Beryl brought a pin loom from a CNCH class.  She said she started in the middle and worked outwards.  We talked about making some of these for our outreach in March, plus everyone has thrums that they can contribute so wannabe weavers will have something to take home.

To the left of her loom is my scarf - my first soft drapey scarf.  I followed Rae's advice and set the tencel at 24 ends per inch, then used hand-dyed, handspun silk for weft.

Not shown were the fabulous macaroons that Suzanne made earlier in the afternoon.  Show-and-Share was spirited, as was the visiting after the meeting was adjourned.  It was a splendid kick-off to a new year. 


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