Weavers Draft and Clothiers Assistant Study Group

The Reno Fiber Guild is joining forces with CNCH in a brand new study group format.  Instead of  a study group that is just members of our guild, we are allowing members of all CNCH guilds to join in a study of John Hargrove's 1792 book, The Weavers Draft Book and Clothiers Assistant.  There is a missing page in this document download.  Click here for the missing page.

You can download a copy of our study group proposal here.  We are purposely making the study broad so that it will accommodate a large range of interests and weaving skills.   The aim is to get everyone familiar with some of the textile history of our country and to explore all the ramifications of weaving from the drafts presented.

We have a core group of participants who belong to a private Yahoo group.  As contributions are made, the documents, drafts and photos will be made available to everyone through links from this page. 

If you are a member of a CNCH guild, you are welcome to join this group.  Please send a message to moodyweaver-rfg@yahoo.com and indicate which CNCH guild you belong to.

Doing Drawdowns and Converting the Hargrove Drafts to Modern Format

Weaving Software makes doing drawdowns easy business.  But, there are many weavers who don't use weaving software and, besides, it is an interesting skill to learn how to do your own drawdowns.  Cally Booker of Dundee Scotland has a group of tutorials on this subject.  Go to her Blog here.

Igor is a member of our core study group and put together a tutorial for doing drawdowns as well.  His is entirely with diagrams (no written instructions).  You can see his document here.

And, then, there is the business of converting the Hargrove drafts into a modern weaving draft format.  Here is a tutorial for you to read.

Here is a nice little article written by members of the study group for CNCHnet. 


Time to add some weaving drafts and more information from the study group.  Some of these draft sheets were shared during the sample exchange and some of the information was gleaned through explorations of different ways to use the drafts.

Hargrove Sample Sheet #13
Hargrove Sample Sheet #14
Hargrove Sample Sheet #15
Hargrove Sample Sheet #33
Hargrove Sample Sheet #52

Four Drafts on a Four Shaft Point Threading
Four Shaft Straight Draw Drafts
Six Shaft Hargrove Sampler

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