Drafts and Useful Information from Sage Weavers' Meetings

Waffle drafts for towels and blankets.  The first two are four shafts with five treadles and the last one is five shafts with six treadles. 
Basketweave with fine thread plain weave added.

The draft directly above was found in Warp and Weft - Lessons in Drafting for Handweaving.  Note that the thin threads are on shafts 1 and 4 and on treadles 1 and 4.  An excellent draft to stabilize the basketweave structure.
False Damask or, more correctly, two blocks of broken twill.

The color position in this draft lends itself to an optical illusion.  The draft (with the color sequence) has been published in a variety of locations and the Not 2 Square blog has an entry with photos and sources. According to A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns, this originally came from a linen towel in Holland, 1931.

This little draft gem was originally found in Weaver's magazine Issue 12 (back cover)  You can use up your leftover knitting yarns for the thick weft (or handspun yarns)  and your really skinny yarns for the four pick half basket.  Think of the variations.  
A standby draft.  This is a four shaft broken twill.  Dee Jones called it "Idiot's Delight"

This is the draft for Laurel's towel in the Great Handwoven Towel Challenge post.

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