Past Study Group Notes and Files

Much effort goes into a year long study of a particular subject.  The Reno Fiber Guild has had several of these year long studies which resulted in information being gathered and disseminated to guild members.  The guild has been built on the premise that sharing what we learn is an important part of our mission as a guild.  This page is being established to share what we have learned along the way.

Block Studies Group 2014-2015

One of the more confusing things that newer weavers encounter is the idea of profile drafts and blocks. In order to help  those who weren't clear about this weaving shorthand, groups were formed to interpret a profile draft into a specific weave structure.  Near the end of the guild year, we all got together and wove off samples from previously warped looms.  Sample sheets were made and everyone participating got a woven sample to tack to the sheet. Here are links to our weaving draft sheets.

Huck Lace - 2 Blocks on 4 shafts

Huck Lace - 6 Blocks on 8 shafts

Summer and Winter on 4 shafts

Turned Summer and Winter on 8 shafts

Turned Taqueté on 4 shafts

Turned Twill 2 Blocks on 8 shafts

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