Reno Fiber Guild Learn to Weave Class for 2017

Hello Prospective Weavers!
The Reno Fiber Guild is gearing up for our 4th annual Learning to Weave Program. 
If you’re interested in learning to weave, NOW is the time to sign-up, as The Reno Fiber Guild only offers this program once a year.  This year’s LTW program will be a total of 4 days, in 3 Phases.
What’s included – Four days of “hands-on” weaving with a ratio of one-to-one instruction from RFG mentors, *reference handouts which include step-by-step instructions for winding a warp and dressing your loom, Weaver’s Craft Pamphlet (lesson workbook), and all the yarns for your project!   Yarns used in your project will be 5/2 mercerized cotton.  For warp, each participant will receive: 1lb. cone of natural or a neutral color for both warp and weft patterning.  For weft, each person will receive (3) 6 oz. cones (785 yds.) of pre-selected complimentary colors.  (You may choose your colors IF you register early.)
*Materials and publication as described above
*Introduction to weaving terminology & equipment
*The Ins & Outs of weaving … with many instructional tips and demos
*Warping Board for winding warp (RFG Equipment)
*How to understand a Weaving Draft
*Necessary weaving equipment (RFG Equipment Lending Program)
  And much more….
What you will be weaving/The Project:  There are two projects in your Weaver’s Craft lesson book.  After sampling (weaving) of at least 12 – 20 inches of assorted twills, choosing from up to 62 treadling patterns, you will move on to weaving a sampler of hand towels.  Your warp is long enough to weave 4 hand towels, creating colorful stripes with your complimentary colored wefts, mixing them up to make 4 unique towels! 
Equipment Required:  Minimum of a portable 4-shaft floor or 4-shaft table loom and weaving accessories.   If you don’t have access to a workshop loom, the Reno Fiber Guild owns (6) 4-shaft floor looms.  To borrow guild equipment, there is a refundable $50 security deposit along with your signature of acceptance on our Equipment Usage Agreement.  Equipment will be assigned in order of enrollment.  
Saturday, June 3rd   9:00 am – 4:00 pm @ The Sky Peaks Retirement Center located at:  1520 Sky Valley Drive in northwest Reno.  Our classroom will be their Community Building, a separate building in the back of the center.
Day ONE -  An Introduction to Weaving.  During the first half of the day, you’ll learn about weaving terminology, weaving equipment and their use.  The ins and outs of weaving, how to read a weaving draft along with many instructional tips and demos.  The second half of the day will be spent winding your warps. 
Sunday, June 4th       9:00 am – 4:00 pm @ Sky Peaks
Day TWO – “Dressing” your loom.  With step-by-step instructional help from our crew of mentors, you learn how to wind your warps onto your loom, thread your loom, sley the reed, and tie-on.  By the end of the day, you should be ready to weave! At the end of day 2, you pack-up your loom and weaving materials to continue your weaving on your twill sampler at home until returning the following Sunday, June 11th. 
Sunday, June 11th    9:00 – 4:00 @ Sky Peaks
Day THREE – Returning with your looms and weaving accessories, you will be begin weaving your first twill sampler towel along with periodic informative weaving lectures.  Once again, at the end of day three, you’ll pack-up to continue  weaving in the comfort of your home.  If you have any questions or concerns during this time, you are encouraged to call anyone of our mentors!
Saturday, July 8th   9:00 – 4:00 @ Sky Peaks
Day Four – Returning with your looms and weaving accessories, this is a day of celebration!  After plenty of “at home weaving”, you will be well on your way to weaving off your last towel and cutting off your warp!  During day 4 we will address any problems or questions, along with finishing techniques.  Our goal is to provide support so that you become a very enthusiastic and happy weaver! 
Additionally, July 8th is our Sage Weaver’s Group meeting.  This may be your first opportunity to meet fellow Reno Fiber Guild members and to join in the round-table weaving discussion group.
Sage Weaver’s meet every 2nd Saturday of the month from 12 pm – 2 pm, approximately.
So, what’s next?   First, if you’re interested in attending our June sessions, please respond to this email with a YES or NO, at your earliest opportunity.  If it’s a YES, I will confirm available space in the class, and then I will provide you with the mailing address for remittance of your check  - $255 payable to the Reno Fiber Guild.  (Reno Fiber Guild Members - $225)  and  (Non-Members breakdown: $225 for Sessions + $30 for Annual Guild Dues)
Paid confirmations will receive 1st choice from looms available. 
Please feel free to email me with any questions!
Suzanne Woodhead
Reno Fiber Guild
woodcats at sbcglobal dot net


  1. My loom that I just got is huge like with peddles. It is impossible to load up and move. So if I can't move it how do I take these classes

    1. Thanks for your question, Eileen. The simple answer is that you don't use your own loom for these classes unless it is a portable one (which yours clearly is not). The guild has portable looms and the use of one is included in the class. You must pay a $50 deposit for the loom, however it is refunded when the loom is returned in good working order.