Monday, October 7, 2019

Angora Goat Shearing Demonstration in Sierra Valley

Reno Fiber Guild members are always interested in fiber.  Where it comes from, how it is processed and how to obtain local products.  Each year an event is held in the Sierra Valley in Northern California  called the Sierra Valley Art and Ag Trail.  Visitors travel from farm to farm, enjoying the produce and, in this case, the animal demonstrations. 

Several RFG members attended the event this year.  Nancy took the following photos and the shearer is RFG member, Sarah Lillegard.

"Each fall the Sierra County Arts Council hosts the Sierra Valley Art + Ag Trail.  Participants stop at one of the “trailheads” to pick up a map of the participating ranches. At each stop they visit a barn that has a display of the history and work of the ranch along with a variety of artisans and crafts people offering their wares for purchase.  My favorite stop is the Harvey Ranch. They raise sheep and alpacas and always have interesting demonstrations showing the process of turning the fleece to cloth.  Imagine my delight this year when there was a shearing demonstration featuring our very own Sarah Lillegard. Darla Garey-Sage and her daughter Sara were there as well. It is always a popular event. This year’s attendees were especially intrepid given the rain and snow we experienced! The weather is usually beautiful.  I was introduced to the Trail by Pati Falk and highly recommend it. For members who would like more information: "- Nancy Sanger

"I was shearing Anna Harvey’s angora goats as a demonstration for the annual Sierra Valley Art and Ag Trail. Anna Harvey and her family run Harvey Farms and Forestry in Calpine, CA when they have been raising and producing local wool for five generations. This was my first time offering a public shearing demonstration and I was delighted to see friends and Fiber Guild members stop by." - Sarah Lillegard

Sarah is also involved with Fibershed and writes articles about plant and animal fibers that are harvested locally.  Click here for links to articles she has written.

If you are interested in learning more about the Harvey Farm, there is a nice little video to watch here.

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